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A future that celebrates the past

Along the Golden Corridor in Los Cabos, the site of the former iconic Hotel Twin Dolphin is home to the region’s premier, master-planned community. Twin Dolphin was thoughtfully planned to honor its storied history and the natural beauty of the land, offering a community where residents and guests become part of its rich ethos.

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    Twin Dolphin encompasses two (of only a very few) pristine, year-round swimmable beaches in Los Cabos. Santa Maria Bay Beach, renowned for its calm waters and world-class snorkeling, and Las Viudas Beach have been awarded the international Blue Flag certification, signifying the highest environmental and water quality standards.

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    Wherever you are within Twin Dolphin, there are endless ways to fill your day with world-class amenities. From the Fred Couples Signature golf course at Twin Dolphin Club, to the 60,000-square-foot Club at Maravilla, to the 20,000-square-foot multi-level pool at Montage Los Cabos, each amenity elevates the standard.

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    Throughout Twin Dolphin, residents and guests enjoy an effortless experience through anticipatory service. From personal concierge services to property management to extraordinary amenities, we tailor our services to fulfill your every need. Whether you make your home here or visit Twin Dolphin as a vacation retreat, you are free to enjoy seaside relaxation and adventure all set against a backdrop that celebrates the unique character of Los Cabos.

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A carefully crafted, cohesive community

The single owner-developer of Twin Dolphin, Ohana Real Estate Investors, has made thoughtful choices in order to create a cohesive community and act as respectful stewards honoring the land’s beauty, integrity, and history. The site plan is designed to create unique experiences for residents and guests of the community, highlighting and blending seamlessly with the natural landscape, preserving views, and maintaining open space. Conservation and sustainability practices are woven throughout, from preserving over 40,000 native plants, to building design that conserves energy and highlights indoor-outdoor experiences, to a state-of-the-art reverse osmosis desalination plant.

Honoring the legacy

Twin Dolphin is named in honor of the former iconic Hotel Twin Dolphin, one of the first luxury hotels in all of Los Cabos. Behind the contemporary offerings lies a rich history, filled with stories of old Hollywood and family ties.

  1. 1 A Hollywood Hideaway

    "The rooms had no televisions or telephones"

    Opened in 1977 by Texas oilman, David J. Halliburton Sr., the Hotel Twin Dolphin was renowned as an exclusive 50-room resort, offering the finest in seaside luxury – minus televisions or telephones. This hidden gem of secluded relaxation soon became a private hideaway for Hollywood luminaries like Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, Lucille Ball, Bing Crosby and John Wayne, not to mention the wives of Halliburton Sr.’s social circle, who found it “only fair” to enjoy the splendor of the resort as often as their husbands frequented Twin Dolphin for the abundant fishing.

  2. 2 A Nickname Namesake

    "The kid's the twin of a dolphin"

    The hotel’s name was reportedly inspired by a comment made in 1938 by Halliburton company founder, Erle Palmer Halliburton, when his yacht broke down near the tip of Baja. While waiting for it to be repaired, his son, David Sr., spent so much time swimming in the Sea of Cortez that his father is said to have remarked, “The kid’s the twin of a dolphin,” prompting the crew to begin calling the boy “Twin Dolphin”.

  3. 3 The Beauty of a Painter's Palette

    "Ancient cave paintings influence modern design"

    The decor of the original Hotel Twin Dolphin was influenced by the ancient cave paintings famously found in Baja. The historical and artistic significance of this regional treasure will be marked at the entry to Twin Dolphin, with an artist’s depiction of these same cave paintings.