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Listening to the Land


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There’s a reason why this special property became home to one of Cabo’s first hotels. It tops the list of Mexico’s most spectacular settings — the mountains, arroyos, and Blue Flag beaches tell a story that spoke to Twin Dolphin. So we’ve honored the land by collaborating with it, taking an environmentally sustainable approach in all we do, and members of our community get to enjoy the story we’re telling together.

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Sustainable Efforts at Twin Dolphin
The Twin Dolphin master plan’s single owner-developer, Ohana Real Estate Investors , put sustainability and conservation at the forefront of the community’s design. Using thought-leading sustainable systems, Twin Dolphin Club works to minimize its carbon footprint and reliance on municipalities. Built environments are positioned to fold seamlessly into the natural landscape, smart systems and natural cooling techniques work to conserve energy, and an onsite plant nursery — established prior to grading the entire site — has preserved more than 40,000 plants on the property.
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Solar Energy with Tesla

Twin Dolphin’s new energy system leverages Tesla solar panels and battery energy storage systems to provide clean energy and back-up power throughout the master-planned community, allowing it to run completely off-grid upon completion. Tesla Powerhub’s monitoring platform also manages and optimizes energy use and help inform future decisions via data tracking.

Audubon Certification

Twin Dolphin Club is designated as a Certified Bronze Audubon International Signature Sanctuary—the only golf course in Mexico to achieve such recognition. This prestigious certification verifies sustainable design, construction, and long-term management of golf courses, communities, and resorts.


Twin Dolphin Club’s sprawling expanse was once home to the former iconic Hotel Twin Dolphin, one of the first luxury hotels in all of Los Cabos. Opened in 1977 by Texas oilman, David J. Halliburton Sr., Hotel Twin Dolphin was renowned as the finest in seaside luxury and only accessible by private plane or yacht.

This hidden gem soon served as a private hideaway for Hollywood luminaries like Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, Lucille Ball, Bing Crosby and even John Wayne — who built his own airstrip on what is now Twin Dolphin Club’s Fred Couples Signature golf course. Today, you can still see remnants of the old air strip and feel the spirit of its celebrated past.

At the heart of Twin Dolphin Club is a skilled team committed to delivering meaningful moments upon Baja’s most treasured land. Our team members, each with an instinct for crafting the extraordinary, bring expertise, warmth and trusted companionship to our community.